Centro Avanzado de Tecnologías Aeroespaciales (CATEC) is the largest private aerospace technology centre in Spain.

In 2017, CATEC was recognised by the European Commission as the most innovative organisation in Europe in the ICT field, receiving the Innovation Radar Prize in Budapest in 2017.

It is the only national technology centre recognised with 4 Cervera Centros projects awarded by the CDTI for the development of strategic technologies for Spanish industry. Specifically, CATEC participates in a large Cervera project on Artificial Intelligence; on Robotics; on Additive Manufacturing and on Advanced Aerial Mobility and drones.

CATEC has developed and patented the world’s most advanced technology for contact inspection of linear, energy and bridge infrastructures using RPAS / drones.

It is a European leader in technologies related to light and medium-sized RPAS / drones, carried out the first non-line-of-sight flight authorised by the EASA in Spain in 2014, and participated with Spanish multinationals in the first collaborative flight of an RPAS and a manned aircraft.

It also forms part of the working groups for the new European (EASA) and Spanish (AESA) regulations for the flight of unmanned systems; it participates in the only Spanish macro-project for the development of the new unmanned air traffic management standard for DRONES in Europe, called U-Space, and has developed, with Vodafone, the world’s first experience in the control and monitoring of drones through the 5G network.

CATEC is a European leader in additive manufacturing applied to the space sector, with direct contracts with the European Space Agency and NASA and participating in committees for the development and standardisation of this technology.

CATEC has participated in the development of the ARIANE and VEGA space launchers, in the development of the QUANTUM communications satellite and in European Space Agency missions such as PROBA-3, for the exploration of the solar corona; JUICE, for the search for life on the moons of Jupiter and MSR-ERO, which will visit Mars.

CATEC currently has four sites in Andalusia and Galicia and a staff of more than 100 engineers focused on the various STEM subjects linked to the technologies in which it operates.

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