The cluster specialised in the development of smart cities SMART CITY CLUSTER and the Spanish innovative cluster in railway mobility, RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB, have just launched the first of the activities planned in the great collaborative project, activated jointly named “SMART TRAIN SMART”. This project counts with a double aspect, on one side, this project intention is accomplishing the integration of the railway sector in the strategies of first and last mile, and on the other side, the application of innovative technologies to obtain train, metro and tram stations more accessible.

In this way, both clusters have just launched this large collaborative project with this new initiative, the creation of smart avatars and guidance systems in stations.

The enterprises associated to both clusters which have the intention to participate in the first of the eight projects planned for “SMART TRAIN SMART” have the deadline to subscribe to this initiative, the 16th of September, initiative that also aims to facilitate the access and the movement of people with reduced mobility in the stations.

Among all the activities planned for this first project, it is expected to work from the definition of smart technologies, systems and infrastructure necessary in the stations to the creation of models and prototypes.

The people from inside the organizations understand that the concept “mobility without barriers” it is directed to a universal accessibility in transportation, therefore, “all of the users, regardless of their mobility capacity, must enjoy the same comforts in public transportation”.

Due to this, the launching of this collaborative project is justified by the emerging technologies and the possible applications in new solutions to mobility and access problems, like the application of blockchains for the creation of virtual and smart avatars and guidance systems based on beacon technologies.


The project Smart Train Smart is the first mega-project drove by RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB, jointly with SMART CITY CLUSTER, and among the objectives of these projects it can be marked the increase of the transportation of people and freights in trains, metros and trams, make the transportation in cities more sustainable and at the same time, its aim is to delete barriers in the use of the train. To accomplish these goals “SMART TRAIN SMART” is going to use innovative solutions, emphasising the advantages of the railway transportation.

“Smart Train Smart” is divided in two big blocks with initiatives which will be launched in the following months. The first block is defined by the name “Door by Door” which will question about technologies to enhance the intermodality, the freight service and user experience, while the second block is defined by the name “Inclusive accessibility” which contained the initiative of smart avatars and guidance systems.

SMART CITY CLUSTER is an alliance of private enterprises and knowledge institutions which purpose is the design and the boost of smart cities defined by the degree of sustainable, by the management of the resources and by the quality of life of the citizens.

On their behalf, RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB is the Spanish cluster in innovation of the railway sector integrated by 80 enterprises from the entire value chain of the sector mentioned and with the intention of becoming an international reference in railway innovation. Their mission is to impulse the technology and the knowledge of the sector through the generation of collaborative projects in R&D, the commercialization of know-how technologies, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the delivery of specialized services.