The general member meeting of the Spanish cluster RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB has approved the incorporation of ONCE as honor member of the hub due to their sharp social and inclusive character. In this way, the ONCE Foundation, whose main mission is to accomplish programs for the work inclusion, the formation and the employment of people with disabilities, is the first institution to receive this distinction by the associates companies.

One of the objectives marked by the ONCE Foundation, is one in which RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB is working as well, and this is to promote the world accessibility and the creation of environments, products and services worldwide accessibly, goals where converge both entities ONCE and RIH.

Secondly, the enterprises associated with RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB also have promoted Malaga university to the management board of the cluster.

The general ordinary member meeting celebrated in the Technology Centre of Railways (Spanish acronym CTF) owed by ADIF, also has approved the accounts referred to 2018 and the budget for this year, at the same time has give green light to the memory of activities from 2018 and to the planification of those planned by RIH for 2019.