The Spanish cluster in railway mobility innovation, RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB, can count now with their first Technology Centre, once approved the membership of the research and innovation Centre, which is ubicated in Euskadi, Tecnalia.

Tecnalia Corporacion Tecnológica is a strategic partnership, which began in 2001 and which members are AZTI-Tecnalia (marine and food research), NEIKER-Tecnalia (public institute of research and technology innovation which generates knowledge and service providing value to the food sector and to the environment ) y Tecnalia-Research&Innovation (formed by 1500 professional focusing to covert  the knowledge in GDP into enhancement in daily life, creating business opportunities).

Contributing to the scientific and technology innovation of the enterprises and society, has become the main goal of Tecnalia. The technology centre counts with a hundred business organizations involved in their government bodies. Regarding the relationship pattern established with the companies, this change depending on the innovation grade to adapt themselves to the needs of each enterprise.

To achieve this fact, Tecnalia is provided with labs services in which experts certify and validate the processes, systems and products that are going to be introduced into the market and they also develop R&D customized projects to generate an impact in business through technology.

Moreover, via Tecnalia Ventures, they connect the enterprises with the three fundamental pillars of the transferring process of technology to market: ideas and technology assets orientated to create business, people who transform these ideas into solutions and investors who bet for their development.

Conversely, Tecnalia is also specialized in sustainable transport and, specifically in the railway sector, where they develop technologies and innovative processes in rolling stock with light and advanced materials, in fire protection (fire labs or RTM doors), at the same time they offer solutions to railways operators like oversight service and management support, infrastructure operations and security and cybersecurity services.

Furthermore, Tecnalia develop information systems for passengers in smart mobile devices and ticketing, and a few more innovative systems which improve the user experience.