The spanish innovative cluster in railway mobility, RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB, now counts with the incorporation as an associate of the French technologIcal firm specialized in 3D experiences.

DASSAULT SYSTÈMES is one of the leading enterprises in Europe when talking about creating virtual universes for the development in innovative technologies. Whilst their solutions transform the way of designing and producing the technologies, their collaborative works encourage the social innovation and help to find a better development in the innovative progress.

The enterprise count with a brand-new portfolio of industrial applications in their platform “3D experiences” in which it is combined the social collaboration with the designing part, the simulation and planification systems of business resources for fabricators. The purpose of these, is to help the growing business to enhance their creativity and efficiency.

This platform allows the users to design products, infrastructure and even cities in their own virtual environment. In this way, through their technology, designers can not only model products or complex systems, but they also have the chance to simulate them while operating, run them in multiple scenarios and consequently, choose the better alternatives.

On the other hand, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES also combine virtual worlds and real ones in the fabricating process to reduce the risk and predict the operational performance, at the same time they enable new business models transforming the supplies chains in value networks through removing barriers between possible business partners.

Besides the multiple innovations in the scientific front, DASSULT SYSTÈMES is also known as one of the most growing enterprise when talking about cloud computing.

Also, for the railway sector, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES offer specific software solutions, in both engineering (3D design, simulation…) and fabrication (processes simulation and paperless operational management…), at the same time they also develop software for engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.

The incorporation of DASSAULT SYSTÈMES to RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB implies the admission of the sixth French company into the cluster after the incorporations of AKKA, Cloud Global Group, IKOS, Ingerop and Sopra Steria.

RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB is the Spanish cluster which aims to become an international reference in railway innovation and mobility, and to impulse the technology and knowledge in the sector. To achieve this, the hub generates R&D collaborative projects, commercialize technology and know-how, launches, accelerates and gives specialized services (turnkey, international events or formation).