The German multinational PFISTERER, specialised in energy production and distribution, as well as in railways electrification have become member of THE RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB.

PFISTERER develops products and services in which it is necessary the secure transmission of an elevated electric power. Nevertheless, in addition to the energetic sector, the company is also working with specific technologies for the transportation and industrial sector.

In this way, it can be pointed out the experience and the specialization in relation with THE railway infrastructures, in the case of reliable contact lines for operations in trains and trams.

The enterprise offers innovative solutions related to the construction of overhead lines, voltage, insulation technologies and power supply, but also on issues connected to operational safety, protection of passengers on trains and stations and, even in the prevention of vandalism.

The increase in the capacity of the railway lines, the lower gap in circulation and a progressive increase in the operational speed of the trains involve a constant increase of the tension supported by the overhead lines, so PFISTERER has developed a wide range of cantilever, suspension brackets and connectors for every situation.

Among of all the innovative products PFISTERER can supply can be mentioned the Tensorex C+ which cans compensate in a constant way, the expansion and contraction of the contact wire due to the temperature to guarantee the effectiveness of the operation, in addition of the fact that it is demonstrated that this mechanism is more effective than the others based on the weight.

RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB is the innovative Spanish cluster in railways which willing is to impulse the technology and the knowledge in the sector. In order to achieve this, the hub generates collaborative projects of R&D, commercialises know-how technologies and provides specialised services (turnkey projects, international events and formation).