The University of Malaga (UMA), until now was a well-known collaborator in the Spanish innovative cluster in railway mobility, have just incorporate as a full member. In this way RAILWAY INNOVATION HUB counts from now with the experience and the research capacity from the university of Malaga.

The university count with a research plan which intention is to create knowledge and to transfer this knowledge to the social environment, as well as to boost the research career of all the researchers from UMA.

It should be noted that the University of Malaga counts with more than 300 research groups in different sectors and participate in more than 40 European projects. Furthermore, they count with 7 graduate institutes that, for UMA, are the basic organisational structure of the scientific research activity and the technology development and innovation.

Among the ones which already have operatives, it can be find the institute of Technology and Software Engineering, the Institute of Home Automation and Energy Efficiency or the inter-university Institute of theoretical and computational “Carlos I”. Nonetheless, the university of Malaga have planned to run other 11 institutes.

Conversely, it may be noted the experience that the university have in railway innovation where they have developed with some enterprise members of the Railway Innovation Hub in projects related to ecological and sustainable slabs for the high-speed lines, technology for the management of the railway traffic or the modeling base on smart algorithms for the integration of the electrification, security and energy efficiency in railway systems. The university have also developed research about the resilience of railway infrastructure against climate change and they have collaborated with ADIF for the development, implementation and testing of auxiliary elements for the dynamic behavior optimization for the rigid catenary and avoid it natural wear.